[DUBSTEP-BG] Pod003 (by bap)

[dubstep-bg] Pod003 (by Bap)

deleta – murderah
scorn – whistle for it
sasquatch – omerta
emalkay – surer duper
nyabingi – shamanu aka japanese wolf
disrupt – blast you to bits
various production – limbs
the subdivision – devil’s kiss
system – rumpstep
2562 – channel two
surgeon – bad hands
king cannibal – hundred eyes closed
ital tek – white mark


[dubstep-bg] Pod002 (by vibescommandah)

[dubstep-bg] Pod002 (by vibescommandah)

ultre – voal cloc
goth trad – back to chill
migrant – flytrap
various production and mc vez – in this
trg – killed it dead
janner – resistance dub
komonazmuk – love
ekstrak – mass dampers
kromestar – jazzmin