Dubsaw Sessions Volume 1: Mixed By Pkay

1. Wachs Lyrical- The Fear V.2 – DSAWD004
2. Rakoon- Darkest – DSAWD003
3. Brainpain- More – Dubsaw Dub
4. Sick Cycle- Headshot- Dubsaw Dub
5. Culprate- Trenchfoot- Dubsaw Dub
6. Hektagon – Running Through (a spounge) Culprate Remix- Dubsaw Dub
7. Barbarix- Flashcore Dub- DSAWD002
8. NUDE- RRR (Violent Tendencies Remix)- Dubsaw Dub
9. Rakoon & Brainpain – Bloodklart- Dubsaw Dub
10. KOAN Sound – Garden of Buddha – DSAW002
11. Brainpain- Blood of Gods- Dubsaw Dub
12. Rakoon- Feind – DSAWD003
13. Culprate – Don’t Do That – DSAW001
14. KOAN Sound- New Beginnings – Dubsaw Dub
15. Xzist and Define- Who’s Ya Daddy – DESPICABLE BULLYS
16. Rakoon – Thousand Years- DSAWD003
17. Brainpain- No One Left To Burn- Dubsaw Dub



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