Representing the sound of dubstep and grimy electro beats from Rio/Sao Paolo Brazil, all brand new tracks mixed by DeVille (Senseless/SUBFM/TheFixUp). A unique take on the dubstep sound mixing up classic dubstep beats and bass with Brazilian melodies and percussion..well worth checking. Artwork by Bruno Belloumini.


01. Bruno Belluomini “Untitled” Dubplate
02. TRK “Kick It” Dubplate
03. Bruno Belluomini “Treta” Dubplate
04. MPC “Rio Dub Style (Bruno Belluomini Remix)” Dubplate
05. Deville “Smoke Screen” Dubplate
06. TRK “Bounce” Dubplate
07. Deck-O “Longway” Dubplate
08. Bruno Belluomini “Yoruba Riddim” Dubplate
09. Bruno Belluomini “Untitled” Dubplate
10. Deville “Lost” Dubplate
11. Bruno Belluomini “Undead” Dubplate
12. Alienaqtor “Destrutiva Era (Tranquera Mix)” Dubplate
13. Deville “Roland” Dubplate
14. Bruno Belluomini “Levitation” Dubplate
15. Deck-O “Sound Tweaking” Dubplate
16. Deville “Long Distance Dub” forthcoming on Senseless
17. Digital Dubs “Cidade Alta Riddim (Deck-O Mix)” Dubplate
18. Digital Dubs “30 Cabeca Riddim (Bruno Belluomini Remix)” Dubplate
19. Deville “Trouble” Dubplate
20. Digital Dubs “30 Cabeca Riddim” Dubplate


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